Why Is It Necessary to Correct Your Bad Posture?

Nov 02, 2021

Bob Sharma

While you may be quick to notice others with bad posture, chances are, your posture is not very different. Between slouching over your laptop and leaning to one side while standing in line, bad posture can become a subconscious habit. Unfortunately, this only becomes apparent when your neck and shoulders begin to hurt.

Below we discuss why it is essential to correct your posture and why a licenced chiropractor should be an important part of doing so.

Harmful Effects of Bad Posture

A good posture enables you to hold your body against gravity with the least amount of strain. Thus, it keeps your bones and joints aligned and reduces wear and tear on the supporting structures. On the flip side, the harmful effects of a bad posture are plenty, ranging from discomfort with everyday tasks to permanent disability.

For instance, the constant pain of a bad posture makes routine chores, such as carrying groceries or driving your car, extremely challenging. In addition, it can also impair your breathing. This is because a slouched back or a protruding head can reduce the capacity of your chest and your lungs to expand.

Because a bad posture can become habitual, it can lead to chronic disability. This may include being unable to perform routine movements such as raising your hands overhead or the inability to stand up straight.

The adverse effects of a bad posture are not just physical. It can also affect your mental health. Just as your mood can influence your posture, your posture has a direct impact on your mood. In fact, studies show, people with an incorrect posture are more likely to suffer from depression than those with a good posture.

Causes of Bad Posture

The causes of bad posture often stem from a modern sedentary lifestyle. The human body was designed to move. The more time you spend sitting, the longer you predispose yourself to a bad posture and a slew of health problems.

For instance, if you spend long hours at a desk, you overwork the muscles in the front of your body. This creates an imbalance, with the muscles at the back of your body. The end result is you slouching in your chair. This inactivity can also shrink your muscles and stiffen your joints leading to painful movements.

Increasing smartphone usage does not help things either. The common texting position causes an extreme bend in your neck which only causes harm to your spine and overall alignment.

How Chiropractors Can Help Fix Bad Posture

A chiropractor can help you whether you’ve been having back and shoulder discomfort or simply want to improve your posture. Starting with a series of questions to assess your posture and lifestyle, your chiropractor will examine your posture closely. This is part of a process that helps identify your specific problems.

After a thorough assessment, your chiropractor will begin adjusting your spine, using gradual joint movements, to improve alignment. These movements will also help enhance joint mobility while alleviating tension in surrounding muscles.

That’s not all. Your chiropractor can also use muscle releases and strengthening exercises to correct soft tissue imbalances. This will help you feel more comfortable when standing or sitting.

Lastly, your chiropractor can recommend a series of purposeful exercises and stretches to counterbalance overactive muscles. This not only relieves some of the strain but also helps strengthen weaker muscles, thereby permanently correcting your posture.

Ready to Correct Your Posture?

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