The Top 10 Chiropractor Approved Activities for the Summer

Jul 05, 2023

Bob Sharma

Summertime is an ideal time for activities that are fun, healthy, and enjoyable for the whole family. For athletes, these activities must also be approved by their chiropractor to ensure there is no risk of injury or chronic pain from overexertion. Park Place Clinic has put together a list of the top ten chiropractor approved activities this summer to help athletes stay agile and prevent injuries when participating in physical activities.

Swimming is a highly recommended activity as it helps with strength training and flexibility while minimizing any stress on joints or muscles due to its low-impact nature. It’s also an excellent cardiovascular exercise for people of all ages. Be sure to listen to your body and take breaks when needed so that your body does not become overworked.

Yoga has been known to improve balance, coordination, and posture while at the same time providing a calming effect on the body and mind. This makes it great for athletes who require regular stretching but cannot do so without risking injury or strain due to rigorous workouts. Our team of certified yoga instructors at Park Place will guide you through various postures designed specifically to strengthen your core muscles and promote relaxation.

Cycling is an easy way for athletes to gain cardiorespiratory endurance without putting too much stress on the feet or ankles. A stationary bike can provide plenty of benefits, especially when using higher resistance levels which can help build muscle strength in the legs and hips while promoting healthy circulation throughout the lower body. Opting for outdoor cycling can allow you to explore new scenic areas while still getting a good workout in!

Similar to yoga, Pilates utilizes low-impact movements that increase flexibility while strengthening core muscles as well as improving posture, balance, and coordination. Incorporating elements of traditional exercises such as sit-ups and crunches into various stretches helps athletes create longer leaner muscles instead of bulky ones which decreases the risk of injury caused by bulky muscle tension or imbalances in muscle groups due to improper conditioning techniques.

Walking or hiking provides many benefits such as increasing energy levels throughout the day and helping reduce stress levels caused by sitting for extended periods at work or school desks. Regular walking increases overall cardiovascular health leading to improved heart health which reduces blood pressure levels naturally. Hiking up hills will provide a more intense cardio workout which can help burn unwanted fat off quickly with lower impact than running on concrete surfaces would cause on joints and bones making it ideal for athletes recovering from injuries or those looking for steady weight loss without stressing out their bodies too much while adding variety into their fitness routine outdoors!

Tennis is a great way for athletes looking add intensity into their workouts without overexerting themselves too much! This sport involves quick precise movements requiring agility and speed which helps develop stronger muscles around joints improving overall body balance and coordination whilst strengthening shoulder joint stability vital during serves or smashes shots across courts!

Rock Climbing
Rock climbing requires immense upper body strength while also engaging core muscles used every day during normal movements such as picking heavy items up from ground level requiring precise footwork whilst scaling walls like never before pushing boundaries both physically mentally demanding utmost focus challenging even most experienced climbers making perfect hobby summertime break away from conventional sports scenarios allowing time rest recover after intense basketball football sessions yet staying active creating contact lists friends followers meeting exciting climbers alike exchanging experience tips tricks safety etc. within worldwide community!

Weight Training & Resistance Exercises
Weight training & resistance exercises should be done under constant supervision from certified trainers when done in gymnasiums home garages may usually result severe injured inexperience wrong methods usage weights machines straps bands ropes etc. hence important practice proper technique advised park place clinic experienced staff ensure know basics get started afterwards find videos tutorials internet follow step–by–step instructions before start attempting heavier routines so protect yourself loved ones against possible repercussions irresponsible use equipment mismanagement resources!

These are some of the best activities approved by chiropractors this summer season whether beginner experienced athlete always advisable seek advice doctor trainer fitness specialist ensure taking necessary precautions remain safe healthier happy during season’s warm days head outdoors explore different possibilities make memories enjoy long lasting effects received suggestions mentioned above contact Park Place clinic check what best suits needs requirements goals optimize results desired seeking right plan combined strategy maximize success journey starting today tomorrow goal target achieved reaching desired destination life time come here’s wishing bon voyage very best luck! Contact Park Place Clinic today!