Acupuncture Can Help Your Mental Health

Aug 02, 2022

Bob Sharma

Acupuncture has provided medical benefits for hundreds of years, but it has only recently become a popular and widely recognized treatment for various health issues and illnesses.

Although some people are apprehensive of the needles, it is hard to deny that this treatment is effective. Acupuncture has helped countless individuals with health issues, including chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, and more.

In recent years, doctors and licensed practitioners have discovered the positive links between acupuncture and mental health. While it won’t replace the need to take medication for some individuals, acupuncture can help build more positive mental health outlooks, as attested by those who regularly practice acupuncture for anxiety and other mental health illnesses.

What Is Acupuncture?

People may ask “what is acupuncture?” because it’s hard to understand how tiny needles bring healing to the body. The needles target your central nervous system, which tells your body to release chemicals to specific muscles and areas of the body. This popular technique targets pain in particular areas and can help manage migraines and anxiety.

Specific target areas or injuries may require more appointments than usual, but typically, patients can expect to receive one or two treatments a week for about a month. Patients with ongoing illnesses or health issues may schedule consistent appointments for acupuncture for anxiety spanning several months in order to treat their pain or discomfort properly.

Benefits of Acupuncture for Mental and Emotional Health

While there are many acupuncture benefits, doctors who practice this technique are learning that the therapy also yields rewards associated with mental and emotional health. Individuals who are not seeing the results they need while just on medication or who wish to wean off their medication could greatly benefit from the practice.

The acupuncture needles target the central nervous system, often having similar effects as antidepressant medication. This treatment is a natural alternative to putting additional or unnecessary medicines in your body.

While it won’t fully take the place of prescribed medication, acupuncture appointments can decrease signs of depression and migraines, making this an option for men and women who desire a more natural healing process.

What To Expect During Your Acupuncture Session

Prepping for an acupuncture session requires little to no work. You’ll first want to look around for clinics like the Park Place Clinic, which provides a wide range of acupuncture benefits. Once you’ve found a clinic that can address your specific needs, you’ll arrive at your session wearing comfortable clothing so you can lay down on the provided table.

During the acupuncture session, the professional will insert very small and thin needles into the designated area. Most patients have very mild discomfort since the needles are thin but may experience dull pain once the needle reaches the correct depth. In specific areas or situations, the professional may need to rotate the needles or add electrical pulses to them to get the most out of the process.

The needles will remain in the affected area for 10-15 minutes on average and are carefully removed by the professional. Most patients feel very relaxed and experience little to no pain during the sessions.

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