5 Signs That You Need Orthotics!

Jun 04, 2021

Bob Sharma

The feet are the foundations of the body. Their imbalance can exert excessive pressure on the joints and different areas of your body. Underpronation (feet turning outwardly) and overpronation (feet turning inwardly) are the two main culprits that give way to various problems.

Ultimately, joint misalignment and long-term wear occur that cause shin splints, plantar fasciitis, frequent sprains and strains, and chronic joint pain.

People often neglect orthotics, but they can potentially fix many problems causing poor body posture, chronic joint and muscle pain, and more due to asymmetrical weight distribution.

Down below, we have summarized five common and often indisputable signs that you need orthotics.

1. You Have Flat Feet

Flat feet or fallen arches happen when the entire sole of your foot touches the ground. With flat feet, there is no arch to help with bodyweight distribution. The condition is usually a result of genetics, but it can also develop in adults due to injuries, obesity, arthritis, and even pregnancy.

Although flat feet don’t always require treatment, they can lead to disabling foot pain and stiffness that can prevent you from practicing your favourite sports and other activities for longer.

2. You Have Problems With Balance

Having issues with balance can be due to a variety of reasons including under- and overpronated feet because of uneven weight distribution.

According to research, custom orthotics significantly improve static balance ability especially in older adults. The latter are at higher risk for falls that lead to disabling fractures and other injuries. Therefore, orthotics can serve as a brilliant and innovative preventive method for such age groups.

3. Your Shoes are Worn out Unevenly

Your shoes can be a clear indication that you’re not distributing weight evenly because of either under- or overpronation. The soles are easy to wear down, but if the sides of the treads are wearing out unevenly, it can be a sign that you need orthotics.

When the shoes wear and thin out, they can further aggravate symptoms like joint and foot pain since there is even less support for your feet. The instability may also cause you to land on your foot wrong, leading to ankle sprains, strains, and all sorts of injuries.

4. You Experience Foot Pain and Swelling

Under- and overpronated feet are an exceedingly common finding among young adults that can cause foot pain and swelling.

In the case of a foot disorder, custom orthotics can provide instant relief from your symptoms. Furthermore, they even out the weight distribution and make you feel less pressure and strain in your knees, hips, and lower back.

5. You are Diabetic and Experience Complications

Over time, diabetes may cause nerve damage, making you lose feeling in your feet due to which you can become senseless to cuts, wounds, blisters, and sores.

Additionally, diabetes weakens the body’s self-healing properties by impairing blood circulation. This way, even tiny cuts and wounds on the feet become vulnerable to infection and may grow into ulcers.

Custom orthotics will redistribute and even out the pressure on the feet to reduce the incidence of complications.

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